Saturday, March 21, 2009

The loss of a True Friend.....

It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that I write this posting. Normally, I can't wait to recount the previous evenings adventures on ice, but the news this morning changed everything. When the phone rang and a friend and fellow teammate informed me that Rex had passed away , a sudden wave of disbelief and shock overcame me. I was speechless, my mind was just not accepting the words that were trying to register . Not Rex, we just had a beer with him after last weeks game for Christ sakes ! He gave me some sort of painkiller pills and a knee brace and said, " Here Rob, take these, keep the brace and use it until I get back in a couple of weeks. Don't lose the damn thing, I will probably need it for the tourney." And with that , Rex said a few quick good byes on his way out of the dressing room. You see Rex only stayed for one post game whiskey that night, as he informed us that he was told by Bev , that perhaps he should maybe consider to start packing for their 2 week Mexican family vacation, which he was leaving for at 6:00 am the next morning. But that was Rex, never taking things to serious. Just when you thought he wasn't gonna make the game, who wheels in, 1973 Molson Canadian hockey bag in hand, but the Golden Vet. Never one to let his teammates down, Rex always had a cure for what ailed ya. Whether it was a pill or a whiskey from his mobile vet kit, or maybe a smile and a story, the Golden Vet always knew what to prescribe . Rex was and will forever be a "Swan Valley Credit Union Oldtymer" . You will be missed dearly my friend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zamzow or Ovechkin ???

With less than a minute left in the extra frame, SVCU defense men Craig "Zammer" Zamzow completed a dramatic comeback with a goal ala Alexander Ovechkin. The winning goal was Zamzow's second of the evening. With SVCU's front end struggling to mount any offense, the highly mobile back end proved to be to much for the Swan River Raider's. Blaine "Soup" Campbell notched three, while his free wheeling defensive partner Warren Gray added two more. The game was all but over mid way through the second period, with the Raider's holding a commanding 7-3 lead. Expressing his frustration Wheels was qouted " somebody start moving their fucking feet" , providing his teammates with some constructive feedback. Knowing this may back fire, Gray's view of the game seemed to get the SVCU train back on the rails. Fighting the puck for most of the evening, SVCU net minder Mike "Smitty" Smith came up with some huge saves down the stretch to keep the come back alive. Final score SVCU 8 Swan River Raider's 7.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mateika considering working for H.N.I.C ??

Once again , SVCU Oldtymers put on an impressive offensive showing, chalking up a 10-4 win over Swan River Action . Mike "Thrilla" Miller lead all scorers, finishing the contest with four. Rick "Whiskey" Liske Jr. continued his scoring streak by adding a goal and two assists. Warren "Wheels " Gray provided the offensive punch from the back end with two goals and six assists. In the post game celebration, Randy "Howie" Mateika held court with any teammates who would listen, as he re accounted one of his two high light reel goals. Pulling out the now defunct telestrator, Mateika "X" ed and "O" ed the play to Howie Meeker perfection. Mateika was quoted as saying "if any one missed my goal I have attached a telestrator account of I seen it go in as I was falling down."