Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night ....

A recap of the action Friday night saw the Kenville Flyers pick up where they left off last year by defeating the Silver Seven 11- 2 . CU registered an opening 4-1 win over the Birtle Old Puckers. Icing a full squad for the first time this year, the 16 plus skaters welcomed the 4 shifts per period. The Flin Flon Rock handed the Bowsman Burners their second loss to the tune of 11-1. Bowsman will be chasing that ever elusive "C"side final once again. After a quick carb reloading session, Kenville Flyers hit the ice a second time and handed the Flin Flon Bombers their first loss to the tune of 7-3. Action resumes early Saturday morning , when two southern sisters Birtle and Gladstone share an early 9:00 am cup of joe.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tourney "Scouting Report" 2012...

Here it is the annual Tourney scouting report by the infamous "Dickie Dunn"...
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Goaltenders get a Work Out....

The opening two games of the tourney had two goalies wishing that they would have remembered to pack a little sunscreen. Ernie "The Glove" Pierrepont, blue paint specialist for the Mighty Bucks, held the high powered  Valley Outlaws to 13 on an amazing 68 shots on goal. Running a very short bench, the Bucks managed to keep the game respectful, finishing on the  back end of a 13 -5 loss.

Ernie "The Glove" Pierrepont

The Swan River Raiders fired more shots at Bowsman Burner net minder Darren "Make mine a Double" Fedorchuk in the second game, than a Friday Night shooter bar at the West Wood Inn! The unofficial shots on goal ( the official time keeper lost track after 75), was believed to be somewhere in the 80's! Allowing only 16 to squeak by, Fuddie was overheard post game, "Ahh, just like riding a bike with you fuckers, just keep the eggs and shnick coming boys!!!!!"

Darren "Make mine a Double" Fedorchuk

Thursday, March 29, 2012

CU Rocked 7-3 by Raiders...Thank God it's Tourney Time!!

Still reeling from the "Good Old Fashion Ass Kickin", at the hands of cross town rivals Swan River Raiders, preparation for SVCU Cup  continues in earnest. The IR list has been cleared and a roster seems to be nailed down. Please stay tuned for the annual "Scouting Report" as penned by the infamous Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flyers Fall 16-10...

CU found themselves in a "Shoot out at the OK Corral" with the young gun Kenville Flyers last Wednesday evening. CU signed  free wheelin defense men "Jazzy" Jeff Bartel from the recently eliminated SwanValley Stampeders, to a one game contract  to help neutralize some of the youth and speed of the Flyers. The flashy Dman did not disappoint, with his countless end to end rushes, finishing the game with 4 goals and a whopping plus 9.
Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy continues his scoring rampage. scoring yet another hattie , and adding four helpers. Centering wingers Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald, and Jeremy " Skates" Gray, the line finished the evening with six goals, and an impressive plus 8. Shaking things up in the second frame, Craig "Move over Mateika" Zamzow, was penciled in down the middle between back checking Randy Mateika and fore checking Mark "Mini" Munro. Finding little to no room on the oppositions blue line, the "Kerr" like middle man managed to bang in a couple.
Three time first team all-star Mike "Smitty" Smith found himself on his knees more than a $20 hooker in a 7/11 parking lot on a Friday night. At the mercy of the Flyer brother combination of  Darren and Danny Miller, the "Double D" rang the cookie jar on several occasions.
With Gilroy and Zamzow going for a combined 5 for 30 in defensive zone face offs, former "Master of the Blade" and current director of player personnel, Dave "The Slasher" Bettesworth had these comments. "Going into the stretch drive, our center men have got to be better on the draw. We have been in contact with the Roblin Hounds regarding the availability of former CU draw master Ryan "Cowboy" Keown, and are anxiously waiting for a reply."
CU finishes out the regular season with a Sunday night tilt against cross town rivals Swan River Raiders, and then the season finale Wednesday evening when they host the Minitonas Loggers.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

CU down Bucks 7-2, Lose 6-4 to Silver Seven...

CU opened the week with a convincing 7-2 win over the Mighty Bucks. Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy , showing the desire and commitment of a snot nosed rookie, lead all scorers with a pair.

The Thrill
Brian "The Ageless Wonder" Minish, just back from a three week hiatus in Palm Springs, wasted no time in getting his name on the score sheet. It was apparent that the R and R at the Springs seemed to have "Grecianed" the veteran forward , as he added two goals and two assists, and is playing some of his best hockey down the stretch.

Playing along side Gilroy, goal scoring duo of Jeff Knight "Rider", and Jeremy " Jack and Cola" Gray, showed some dangle that would even make former CU sniper Marvin "The Magnificent" Clarkson cringe. 

Wednesday evening CU clashed with the Silver Seven for the fourth and final time of the season. With the Seven winning the previous three encounters, CU was looking for a strong showing. A disappointing six and half  skaters ,(McDonald fresh off the IR list), gave a strong effort , but finally succumbed 6-4 to a very confident Silver squad. This loss marked the only time in Franchise history that CU was swept in a season series. CU sniper Brian "Thrilla" Gilroy was visible shaken by the lack of commitment on the part of some of his so called teammates. "I managed to go to three Stampeder games, a Winnipeg Jets game, and sit through the stress and duress of interviewing some very "Potential" employees for my business this week, do you see me packing up and leaving the boys high and dry?"  

The Thrill
The club hasn't seen this level of commitment from Gilroy since his glory days with Dauphin Kings. With Gilroy all in for the tourney, CU will  be looking to have a more bolstered offensive front end.
 Rookie Clayton "Heavy Feet" Mychaluk made his return from the IR list, and was struggling to find his legs and lungs all evening. A strong showing by CU tender Mike "I'll carry this franchise on my back" Smith, was all for not. Chad "Bottoms Up" Barker, son of legendary Zamboni driver Al "Board Bumping" Barker, sealed the deal for the Silver Seven when he parted the  "Red Sea", and went top shelve on Smitty. " 
The game got a little heated when CU defense men Warren "Wheels" Gray, and Silver Seven blue liner Pat "Hit-man" Harness exchanged some hugs and kisses after the whistle. Former defensive pairing on the cup winning roster in an early season tourney in Roblin, the two didn't let that curb their competitive enthusiasm.



CU's next action is a Wednesday tilt with the Kenville Flyers, and then a regular season finale Sunday evening with cross town rivals the Swan River Raiders. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

CU go 2-0 for the Week...

CU opened the week with a win over the SVRSS Tigers. With the return of "Trading Places", Kevin "Tomas" Kopecky got the nod in net, as Mike " 3 blocked Shots" Smitty found himself powering down the middle. Kopecky, no stranger to wearing the cage,spent more time outside the blue paint then in . Struggling to find his net all evening, Kopecky resorted to the throw back "Classic Crouch" , leaving 95% of the upper net wide open and a huge gaping 5- hole the size Texas, vulnerable to the Tiger snipers.

Tony "O"


Kevin "Tomas" Kopecky

Smith relished the chance to once again showcase his offensive abilities, but playing along side veteran goal scorer Randy "Back on the Red Line" Mateika, he was forced to take on a more defensive role. Unofficially, Smith was tagged with 3 blocked shots, however Kopecky disputes the claim, "I was telling Smitty to get the F##k outta the way, I got the "Big Boy " pads on today.

# 87 Mike "Shot Blockin" Smith

Wednesday night saw yet another classic game with cross town rivals Swan River Raiders. The Raiders once again came out flying, out shooting CU 25 -7 in the first frame. Mike "The Wall" Smith, back in the pipes , was absolutely outstanding, allowing CU to hold on to  a 2-1 lead after 1. The CU back end trio of Warren "Wheels" Gray, Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow, and Darren "Mugsy" Mullin had their best game of the season. Holding the potent Raider shooters outside, and playing a  near flawless transition game, both Gray and Zamzow added some timely goal scoring. 
The TSN turning point of the game came mid way through the second, when in a span of 20 secs. Jeremy "Hands of Butter" Gray bulged the twine twice, putting the game out of reach. Playing together for the first time this season, the line of Gilroy, Knight and  Gray, aka the GKG line, really turned up the heat in the second. Gray finished the game with two, while Brian "The Real Deal" Gilroy added a single. 
Filling in for IR listed player Rob" McRibs" McDonald was "Battling " Brad Cox, on loan from the Mighty Bucks. "It was a real treat to finally have that #17 Jersey filled out, and catching a few passes for a change" 3 time All-Star Dman Craig " Zdeno" Zamzow commented post game. CU has  the Mighty Bucks in their cross hairs when they meet  Sunday night at the Corral.