Friday, October 26, 2007

More Tourney Tidbits.....

The 32nd annual Credit Union OldTymers hockey tournament was a smashing success as 12 teams competed for top honours.
This year’s A-side final was between Swan Valley Credit Union (SVCU) and Flin Flon when the SVCU scored two goals early in the first period.
The SVCU held their lead into the third period, but Flin Flon picked up speed and in the last six minutes of the game scored two goals making the score 2-2.
The game then went into overtime and SVCU forward Jeremy Gray ( O.T. Kid) scored the winning goal in overtime bringing the SVCU to 3-2.
“This is the first time I know, and I’ve been with the team for 30 years, that the A-side final has gone into overtime,” said SVCU team spokesperson Brian Minish. “Last year we lost to Flin Flon in the A-side final and this year we beat them. So it was pretty special.”
In the B-side final Hamiota faced off against Kenville and in the end Kenville won, beating Hamiota 7-4.
The C-side final came down to the Raiders up against Gladstone and in the end the Raiders beat them 7-4 claiming victory for the C-side final.
While there was one team who backed out of the competition on March 26, organizers were able to find a replacement.
“We were searching for a team and we were able to get Birtle in and so that was nice,” said Minish.
He also noted this is one of the longest running old timers hockey tournaments in the province.
“Some of the teams have been coming to this tournament just about every year,” said Minish.
“Gladstone has been here every year, they maybe missed one or two years.”
Teams keep coming back every year because they have a great time.
“Everybody had fun and nobody got hurt bad so it went very well,” said Minish. “And the guys are pretty happy.”

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