Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CU go 1-1 in back to back games!

CU opened the first of back to back games with a 5-4 win over the Valley Outlaws. Being out shot 2-1, CU goaltender Mike"Smitty" Smith was simply outstanding between the pipes.


Capitalizing on their limited scoring chances, recent midget call up Ryan "Ribs" Cable lead all scorers with a pair. Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray, Clayton "Hot and Spicy" Maychalchuk and Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald added singles. McDonald, not known for either his soft hands or goal scoring abilities, pancaked a delicate back hand over a somewhat shocked Outlaw net minder for the winner. A strong defensive outing by the trio of Brian "Magic Man" Minish, Garret "Big Country" Watson, and Darren "Mugsy" Mullin, especially in the final minutes, held the Outlaw onslaught at bay, securing the victory.

The second game in as many nights saw CU face a much improved Silver Seven squad. After spotting the Silver Seven a 4-0 lead, the CU comeback started with an end to end rush from Riley " The Grin" Morden with just seconds remaining in the first period.

The Grin

The brothers Gray got things going in the second, scoring a goal  apiece, to close the gap to one. Unfortunately John "The Franchise" Pasternak poke checked Warren Gray, tiptoed around a startled Craig Zamzow and on the ensuing rush the Silver Seven salted a 5-3 victory.
Rumour has the arena staff still trying to locate CU defense men Darren "Mugsy" Mullin's jock, after having numerous undressings at the hands of slippery Silver Seven  forward Dave "Magic Hands" Chamberlain.


The game also marked the season debut of Chris "Crackin" Zamzow and saw Kevin " Special K" Kopecky activated from the IR list. Paired together with Mark "Mini" Munro on the second line, the trio played well defensively, but were held scoreless. Forced to leave the game early with a reoccurring elbow injury, Zamzow was quick to comment on the play of his line mate , " Kopecky better lay off the Italian food, it looks like he has lost a half dozen steps since his glory days with the Hornets!"  Kopecky offered his thoughts " The ribs felt fine, however my back is a bit sore after having to carry my left winger all night, good thing he plays only twice a year, with his hangnail injury and all!"
CU's next game has them hosting the Swan River Raiders this Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

10-9 ... CU hang on in the " Race to 10! "...

Still feeling the "after effects" of drinking from the "Roblin Hounds Chalice", CU threw all defense to the wind  as they went toe to toe in a race to ten with the Minitonas Loggers. Icing seven skaters, and  relying on standout free agent  net minder  Darren "Better make that a Triple tonight Boys!" Fedorchuk, CU manged to hang on to a 10-9 victory over a very fast skating Logger squad.

Rounding out the trio of d-men, versatile power forward Pat "Crusher" Morden saw action on the blue-line for the first time this year. Not sayin CU defense was of biblical proportions, but if Morden took the role of Moses, he more than once lead in the parting of the "Red Sea" as the Loggers threaten to tie late in the game,   falling  just short of a monumental come back.

Sniper Jeremy "Jake " Gray continues his scoring streak , adding yet another hat trick , while standout rookie Clayton "Hot and Spicy" Mychaluk responded with three of his own. Also scoring were Blaine "Soup" Campbell with two,while singles went to Mark "Mini" Munro and Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald. 

The IR list still has Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy listed as day to day with a high ankle sprain, and Kevin "McRibs" Kopecky indefinite with an upper body injury. CU heads down Highway 10  Tuesday evening to face the Valley Outlaws  in the comfy confines of the Minitonas Polar Dome.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

9-4 Semi -final win over Roblin Bullets... 14-3 Final..

CU continued their offensive onslaught, once again they registered nine on the score sheet.The line of Harness, Knight, and Mychalchuk responded with a five goal performance, while Warren "Wheels " Gray lead all scorers with a hat trick. The victory secured CU a spot in the " A" final against a young Flyer Squad from Kamsack.

With over 3 plus hours to burn until game time, CU found themselves once again in the comfy confines of the Roblin Motor Inn. Faced with the daunting task of Pizza , Nachos, and some live entertainment as a pre-game meal and nap,CU  felt a quiet confidence building heading into the championship game.  Quelling all rumors that "he may not play in the A Final", import sniper Pat "Hardcore" Harness reassured CU Brass that all was well, he was playing the A final ,and that his wife wished him and the team best of luck !
Jumping out to a quick 5-0 lead, CU had the young Flyer's reeling to put a plug in to stop the bleeding. With the score 7-0, the Flyers scored two quick goals and appeared to be on the verge of a comeback. A key icing  by team President and standout defense man Blaine "Soup" Campbell settled the bench down, and CU  skated to a 14-3 win. Following the trophy ceremony, club treasurer Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow holding true to tradition, passed the cup for all to drink to the sweetness of victory!

CU Hockey Club "Drink from the Cup!"

CU went 3-0 to capture the first annual Roblin Hounds Men's Rec Hockey Tournament.  With a 9-1 victory over the Inglis Stingers in their opening game, scoring came early and often. The line of Patrick "Hardcore" Harness, Jeff "Knifty " Knight and Clayton "Hot and Spicy" Mychalchuk scored deuces apiece, accounting for six of the nine goals. Harness, on loan from the Valley Outlaws, recorded a record 22 shots on goal while Mychalchuk was a close second with 20. Failing to pick up his check on a seemingly harmless dump in, Mike "Smitty" Smith's  shut out  bid was broken with only minutes left. Also scoring were Brain "Magic Man" Minish with two, and Jeremy "Jake" Gray with a single.

Post game carb and protein replenishing to the tune of 140 plus wings courtesy of the Roblin Motor Inn had the  all star goaltender all but forgetting his save pct. of  842.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CU rip Action 9-3...

Bolstering a surprisingly full squad of 12 skaters, CU skated to a convincing 9-3 win over Swan River Action. The scoring slump that has dogged CU sniper Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray appears to be over.  Regaining his infamous scoring  touch, Gray responded by  tallying a Hattie and assisting on two others.

Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray

Keeping the scoring streak alive, veteran forward Brian "Magic Man" Minish continued his assault on the team scoring lead by knocking in two. Blaine "Soup" Campbell also dented the twine twice,while singles went to Pat "Crash " Morden and Mark "Mini" Munro. 

Mark "Mini" Munro
The Injured Reserve list appears to be getting smaller, as the past two games marked the return of diminutive CU forward  Rob " Sizzlin" McDonald. Asked if he thought McDonald was rushing his return, CU president and 3 time league  all-star  Blaine Campbell offered these thoughts. "Well, he was having trouble keeping up to the play, he didn't catch a pass or register a shot on net, and he seemed to be  able to turn only one way. I'd have to say he is 100% fully recovered!"

Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald

Still listed as day to day are defense men Kevin "Special K" Kopecky and Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow.  CU's next action has them attending the first annual Roblin Hounds Fall Classic Tournament this weekend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raiders win 6-5...

Facing a full “Raider Nation” of 14 plus skaters, CU ‘s  8 skaters  fought gallantly , but could not hang on , succumbing to a 6-5 defeat.  Mike “Smitty “ Smith was stellar between the pipes, handling  more rubber than a guidance counsellor at an all-girls prep school. 

The brothers Gray, reunited upfront for the first time this season, were an offense threat all evening.  Elder sibling Warren “Wheels “ Gray , lead all scorers with a “Hattie”, two  of which were gifts from younger brother Jeremy . 

 Garrret  “ The Grain Buyer” Watson, playing in his second consecutive game for the rouge blanc and grise , although  held  scoreless, played a strong defensive game.

Nursing the effects of a “long day at the curling club”, stalwart d-man Blaine “El Presidente” Campbell, still managed to log 60 minutes. Frustrated with the forwards floating around center ice, Campbell was heard commenting between gasps, “Stay on the fucking boards Mini, on the fucking boards!”

Making his season debut, “Dancing” Danton Ashcroft was also searching the bench for oxygen. Playing alongside Campbell for the entire game, the young defensemen potted his first goal of the season despite coughing a lung.
This loss to the Raiders evens the season series at a game apiece. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ramsey Downholer's Pilot to air...

This just off the Ramsey Downholer's website, they appear to have an air date set for their pilot; Saturday December 17 at 7:30 pm on CityTv in Canada. For those of you unfamiliar here is a little taster of what they offer on their Website. This could possibly be the funniest set of videos that I have seen in a very long time. Set up as a reality based series, it takes you inside a "Beer League" team. You will find a link to their website under our favorite links side bar . Check it out fellows, it is f*#cking Hilarious..


CU clip Flyer's wings 6-3...

SVCU doubled up on a young and feisty Kenville Flyer hockey club 6-3 last Wednesday evening. Still feeling the effects of hosting the “Halloween Extravaganza of the Century”, the experience and patience of the “Red Machine”, proved to be too much for the young Flyers to handle.

Former CU free agent goaltender Darren “Make mine a double” Fedorchuk was outstanding between the pipes for the Flyers. Keeping the game close, Fedorchuk proved to CU Brass that he still has the" magic" that lead CU to the “B” championship last spring.

With an IR list longer than most teams’ rosters, CU was forced to call up local boy turned “Grain Buyer” Garrett Watson for a three game stint. Boasting a lineage to famed CU goal scorer Barry “Bulls-Eye” Watson, the young commodities broker did not disappoint.  Potting his first 2 goal game since squirts, Watson played an instrumental role in the team’s victory. 

Defying father time yet again, Brain “Magic Man” Minish continued hie scoring streak with  two, while singles went to Wade “Jumper” Cable and Warren “Wheels” Gray.  With defensive partner  Craig “Zdeno” Zamzow still listed as day to day with an “Upper body “injury, Gray took it upon himself to perform those all too familiar “ Up the Middle” passes that  never seem to make the right colour jersey.

Making his 2011 debut, club patriarch Barry “Shooter “ Eggie reassured Minish that yes, all arena staff have been trained in the use of the “portable defibrillator machine” and John has promised  that at least one would be in attendance at all CU home games.
Scoring woes continue for CU sniper Jeremy “OT Kid” Gray. It has been rumoured that the elite right winger was bribing teammates to trade sticks with him, and was even considering switching hitting to left handed . Always one to offer words of encouragement to struggling teammates, 3 time all-star Mike “Smitty” Smith was quick to quip “ Man , you would think Jake being club treasurer and all, he’d be able to at least buy a Fucking Goal !"

CU ‘s next action is this Sunday night when they tangle with cross town rivals Swan River Raiders.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mighty Bucks Exact Revenge 4-3...

In a fast paced, end to end, old time hockey game, the Mighty Bucks took little time in revenging Sunday night's loss. Less than three minutes into the game, CU sniper Jeremy "Jake" Gray opened the scoring.
Jeremy "Jake" Gray
 CU went ahead 3-1 , on goals by Warren "Wheels" Gray and Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow. With the game seemingly in hand, CU found themselves folding into that  familiar defensive shell. Squandering a two goal lead , the Mighty Bucks evened the score with less than 10 minutes remaining. The Bucks took the lead  late in the game. With CU pressing hard to tie, Bucks puck stopper Ernie "The Glove" Pierrpont made some huge saves to preserve the victory. Following the loss,  defense men Blaine "Soup" Campbell and Craig "Zdeno"  Zamzow are  listed as day to day , with undisclosed upper body injuries. Remaining on the "Injured Reserve" list are Kevin "Special K " Kopecky (ribs) and Rob "Sizzlin" McDonald (knee) with no apparent time frame on their return.

Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow