Thursday, November 17, 2011

10-9 ... CU hang on in the " Race to 10! "...

Still feeling the "after effects" of drinking from the "Roblin Hounds Chalice", CU threw all defense to the wind  as they went toe to toe in a race to ten with the Minitonas Loggers. Icing seven skaters, and  relying on standout free agent  net minder  Darren "Better make that a Triple tonight Boys!" Fedorchuk, CU manged to hang on to a 10-9 victory over a very fast skating Logger squad.

Rounding out the trio of d-men, versatile power forward Pat "Crusher" Morden saw action on the blue-line for the first time this year. Not sayin CU defense was of biblical proportions, but if Morden took the role of Moses, he more than once lead in the parting of the "Red Sea" as the Loggers threaten to tie late in the game,   falling  just short of a monumental come back.

Sniper Jeremy "Jake " Gray continues his scoring streak , adding yet another hat trick , while standout rookie Clayton "Hot and Spicy" Mychaluk responded with three of his own. Also scoring were Blaine "Soup" Campbell with two,while singles went to Mark "Mini" Munro and Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald. 

The IR list still has Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy listed as day to day with a high ankle sprain, and Kevin "McRibs" Kopecky indefinite with an upper body injury. CU heads down Highway 10  Tuesday evening to face the Valley Outlaws  in the comfy confines of the Minitonas Polar Dome.

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