Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 - 0 , Mike "Smitty" Smith Clears Up Trade Talk and Shuts the Door..

Tired of answering phones, faxes, e-mails, and text messages, "No I'm not going to Tampa Bay, that would be the other Mike Smith ", SVCU net minder Mike "Smitty " Smith made his own headlines last night. Playing perhaps the best hockey of his career, Smith was unbeatable. Seeing everything from all angles, controlling rebounds with ease, and flashing more leather than Ernie Pierrepont does in a life time, the resilient puck stopper finally was rewarded for his efforts. Playing the role of "Rentals", the combination of Craig "one more shot" Zamzow, and Barry "Crash the Net" Eggie could not find a crack in the cagey minders armour. Not wanting to have a repeat performance of previous outings, SVCU's blue line stayed true to the task at hand, and were an instrumental part in Smitty's shut out bid. Next action for SVCU sees them headed out to Bowsman Friday night to tangle with the Silver Seven.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

SVCU Overcomes Shaky Start to Ground Flyers.....

An uncharacteristic giveaway in the opening shift by Warren “Wheels” Gray, gave the Kenville Flyers an early 1-0 lead. SVCU quickly regrouped and went on to down the Flyer’s 14-3. Gray, attempting to pass the puck behind the net, had it careen off the side to a wide open Flyer, who promptly deposited it into the back of the SVCU net. Whispers of "give it away, give it away, give it away now" supposedly could be heard from the Old Tymer’s bench. Undaunted by his mistake, Gray proceeded to tie the game on the next shift and SVCU never looked back. In the onslaught that followed, SVCU took control, demonstrating their strong passing game. At times, the forward line of Gray-Gray-& Morden seemed more interested in setting up the perfect play, than scoring, but did finish on many chances. The line of Bowles-Knight-Eggie, also chipped in offensively. On the heels of his “Hat Trick” performance, proving once again that he is not a “one trick pony”, Dennis “Surgeon” Bowles managed to fire a "bullet" past the almost-impenetrable glove-side of Flyer net minder Ernie Pierrepont. The defensive pairing of Campbell & Henkelman, aided by Craig “Gotta Go” Zamzow for 15 minutes of the first period, were a bit baffled by the early departure of their teammate. An unconfirmed source heard the exhuberant D-Man saying, "I'm heading home for a belated Valentine's Day present". Derek “Hips” Henkelman had a strong game - impressing his teammates with his ability to play any and every position. Mike “Smitty” Smith was stellar and seemed unfazed by Kenville's early lead. In a late game move, Blaine “Soupy” Campbell was moved to centre ice to offer his rendition of back checking. The big " D-Man” turned "power forward", ended up scoring 4 goals, and had he played the whole game at centre ice, he may have just had a shot at breaking the goals per game record, set by Marvin “Sniper” Clarkson a few weeks earlier. SVCU hosts the Action Old-timers next Wednesday night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

?? - 4, SVCU Take Loggers to the Mill...

The return of the “Magnificent Seven" meant goals, goals, and more goals . Leading the way was none other than SVCU sniper Marvin Clarkson. A weekend of “Corporate Challenging" didn't seem to slow the big power forward at all. Shooting at every opportunity, Clarkson had the young Logger Tender shaking chips. The unofficial score sheet had Gary "Duke" Kennedy, Denis "Surgeon” Bowles, and Barry "Shooter " Eggie all recording hat tricks. Not since the early 70's have we seen a performance like this, when the trio were mere rookies, all ribs and nuts, chomping at the bit for ice. Forced to play with a two man blue line again, the duo of Zamzow and Minish , despite feeling the effects of a weekend of " Challenging", somehow managed to play to the last whistle. Smitty once again came up with the "Big" save when called upon. All former equipment issues seem to be a thing of the past. Next up for SVCU is a Wednesday night tilt with the Kenville Flyers.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SVCU give SVRSS Tigers an 8 - 2 Schooling...

A welcome break to the fast paced, edgy games of late, SVCU worked on puck control and movement against the SVRSS Tigers. Making his return to the lineup, Chris "Iron Lung" Zamzow showed no signs of a month long hiatus, creating break away moves that even made older brother Craig "Bootleg" Zamzow Ohh and Ahh. Not to be "showed up" by his younger brother, the elder Zamzow went back to his bread and butter "Malik" move pulling it off flawlessly. Another quiet night for net minder Smith, however the off speed shots and knuckle pucks were enough to keep the puck stopper's head in the game. Continuing his offensive onslaught, Warren "Wheels" Gray led all scorers with four. Rex "Golden Vet" Leach also made his return, recuperating from a groin pull. When asked what the secret was to his remarkable quick return, the burly veteran was quoted, “I was basically frozen from the waist down for the last five days, plus the combination of the big purple horse pills that I have been popping like candy, and abstaining from late night extracurricular activities, has aided a speedy recovery." Next action for SVCU will be Tuesday night when they travel to Minitonas to take on the Loggers.

Monday, February 11, 2008

SVCU down Raiders 8 - 1 in a "Spirited " contest...

Mike " Smitty" Smith's second shutout bid in as many nights fell short once again. With less than 26 seconds left in the game, an errant clearing pass from behind the net ricocheted off a fore checking Raider defender and before you could say "What the fuck ! ," the red light was on. Despite this last minute set back, Smith once again put on an impressive goaltending clinic. Feeling the frustration of being shut out, the Raider's tried a little crash and burn on the cagey puck stopper. Warren "Wheels" Gray, having perhaps one of his finest outings this year, not only scored four goals, but was the man in the middle of the second period brouhaha. Playing nearly 60 minutes apiece, the Dynamic Defensive Duo of Derek "Hips" Henklemen and Craig "Boot leg" Zamzow played a near flawless game on the blue line. The two teams tangle one last time in early March.

Friday, February 8, 2008

SVCU Old Tymer's Handcuff RCMP 9-1...

Showing no signs of letting up offensively, SVCU continued to play a "free wheeling " brand of hockey reminiscent of the Oiler Dynasty of the mid 80's. Recently reunited, the line of Rob "Hands" McDonald, Jake "OT Kid" Gray, and Pat "Crash" Morden cashed in for five counters. Dubiously compared to the infamous Russian "KLM" line of the late 70's, the "MGM Grand" line used short, crisp passes that kept the RCMP on their heels as they maintained control of the puck for seemingly the entire game. The Veteran line of Gary "Duke" Kennedy, Dennis "Surgeon" Bowles, and Rex "Golden Vet" Leach performed the "Trap" to near perfection. A unconfirmed report of two “lower body” injuries may have Leach and Bowles placed on the injury reserve list. Trying desperately to shake off his "Cruise Line" sea legs, Brian Minish aka "The Minister of Defense" played a rather cautious" stay at home” game. Taking advantage of this seemingly new defensive style of play, blue liners Warren "Wheels" Gray and Craig "Bootleg" Zamzow continued to be aggressively involved in the team's offense. If not for the outstanding play of goaltender Mike "Smitty" Smith, the outcome of the game may not have been so favorable for SVCU. Next action for SVCU sees them do battle with the Swan River Raider's on Sunday evening.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

9-1 win over Valley Outlaws.....

Playing the trap better than the NewJersey Devils , SVCU all but shut down the Valley Outlaws. Mike "Smitty" Smith's shutout bid was busted with 20 seconds left on a snipe by smooth skating Outlaw forward Kevin "Benny" Betcher.
After a scoreless first 15 minutes, Rex " Golden Vet" Leach opened the scoring on a tic tac toe passing play that left Outlaws tender Andy "Butch" Hodgson down and out. Warren "Wheels" Gray led all scorers with 4 goals, rounding out the scoring were singles by Blaine" Soup" Campbell, Jake "OT Kid" Gray, Derek "Hips" Henklemen, and Patty "Crash" Morden.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beer, Wings, 9 - 1 score, Does it Get Any Better ? .......

Rounding out the week with a road trip to Benito to take on the Kenville Flyers, SVCU Old Tymer's continued their goal scoring prowess. Playing to a near scoreless draw, Jake "OT Kid" Gray put SVCU on the score board with less than 1 minute to play in the first period. Held scoreless in the first, the line of Bowles, Clarkson, and McDonald drew blood early and often in the second frame. Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson struggled to find the back of the net in the first frame, put to rest any thoughts of a scoring drought in the second frame, where he led the charge with 5 plus markers. Dennis "Nogoaloff" Bowles and Rob “Stone Hands" McDonald kept the big center men well fed all evening. Adding some speed and finesse to the veteran line of Barry "Shooter" Eggie and Rex "GoldenVet" Leach, Jake Gray making crisp passes, set the plate on countless occasions. The defensive trio of Blaine "Soup" Campbell, Craig "Head High" Zamzow, and Warren “Wheels" Gray moved the puck with ease, jumping in on many offensive drives. A relatively quite night for puck stopper Mike “Smitty" Smith, allowed the mask man to fine tune the basics of his game. Post game discussion seemed to center around the defensive commitment of Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson. At times being mistaken for a third opposition defenseman, Clarkson was quoted as saying "You can't score 10 goals in your own end". SVCU hosts the Valley Outlaws Wednesday and then has an encounter with the RCMP Thursday, and finishes out the week with a Sunday evening tilt with the Swan River Raiders.