Thursday, February 14, 2008

SVCU give SVRSS Tigers an 8 - 2 Schooling...

A welcome break to the fast paced, edgy games of late, SVCU worked on puck control and movement against the SVRSS Tigers. Making his return to the lineup, Chris "Iron Lung" Zamzow showed no signs of a month long hiatus, creating break away moves that even made older brother Craig "Bootleg" Zamzow Ohh and Ahh. Not to be "showed up" by his younger brother, the elder Zamzow went back to his bread and butter "Malik" move pulling it off flawlessly. Another quiet night for net minder Smith, however the off speed shots and knuckle pucks were enough to keep the puck stopper's head in the game. Continuing his offensive onslaught, Warren "Wheels" Gray led all scorers with four. Rex "Golden Vet" Leach also made his return, recuperating from a groin pull. When asked what the secret was to his remarkable quick return, the burly veteran was quoted, “I was basically frozen from the waist down for the last five days, plus the combination of the big purple horse pills that I have been popping like candy, and abstaining from late night extracurricular activities, has aided a speedy recovery." Next action for SVCU will be Tuesday night when they travel to Minitonas to take on the Loggers.

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