Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Credit Union Announces 2008-09 Roster...

October 19, 2008

SVRHA Release 2008-09/002

For Immediate Release

Swan River, MB - The Credit Union Oldtimers are happy to confirm the 2008-09 roster
after a summer full of negotiations. Players requesting their outright release were Jason Ryden, Aaron Goethe, and Derek Henkelman.
Ryden, 36 has moved on to pursue work opportunities and promote the Communist Ideal.
Long heralded as one of the only dmen in CU's prominent 33-year history to lead the rush more often than Barnes. His quick feet, wicked shot, and ability to chastise officials will be missed.
Goethe, 30 only played one season with CU. Prior commitments to curling and a trapline limited Goethe to little action in 2007-08 and he has decided to step back until he is tourney "legal".
Henkelman, 32 of Swan River, MB played two seasons with the Noir, Rouge, et Blanc after an unimpressive career in the Kenville Flyers farm system. In two seasons Henkelman racked up 13 goals and 32 assists (and those are just the ones deposited behind Smitty). The Credit Union Oldtimers will miss his "famed" reverse and wish Derek the best in 2008-09 and hope he looks forward to the tenacious fore checking of Duke and Surgeon (buy ankle guards).
On the acquisition front, SVCU is happy to announce the following recruits...
Following a lengthy knee /back re-habs, Randy Mateika, 48 of Minitonas made a cameo in last spring's tourney and has since re-signed for the 2008-09 season. After a high scoring career on the Minitonas Eagles famed KMM line in the 90's, Mateika has shown he has the complete game with Credit Union as his tenacious fore-check is dreaded by opposing dmen.
Rick Reich, 52 of Swan River is another SVCU vet who returns after a 2-year layoff. Reich attempted to fulfill a lifelong dream by making the Canadian diving team in Beijing this summer,through diligent practice in his shop. Reich has been training hard with Claude Lemieux as they both attempt comebacks and find their previous stellar form. Teammates have long wondered if Reich's stand-up style is more related to his attempt to emulate Ken Dryden or if his is simply too "tight" to risk need to purchase new pads.
Rick Liske, 37 is attempting to follow in the illustrious foot-steps of his father Gerry who patrolled the SVCU wings in the mid-late 1970's. Liske, originally recruited a year ago, has an impressive resume that includes stops with the Swan River Optimists, Thompson King Miners, and Beausejour Comets. Liske who was overheard at the 2008 spring tourney as saying he could score 40 in figure skates will now have the added pressure to produce.
Dana Harris, 35 moved to Swan River a few seasons ago and with the "folding" of the local RCMP club, Harris was at the top of the SVCU recruiting list. Harris is well known for his blinding speed, "rifle" shot, and tireless fore check/back check. This may cause him with problems fitting in with this club of floaters but hopefully his efforts are contagious (and not his athlete's foot).
Mike Miller, 29 of Swan River is the second-half of our newly acquired "red serge" riflemen. Miller has shown lateral movement that rivals that of former Jet Dale Hawerchuk and is is expected to be a triggerman to add to an already potent SVCU offence. SVCU GM Dave Bettesworth is presently working "behind-the-scenes" for available birth certificates from the Witness Protection Programto massage Miller's birthdate prior to tourney time

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