Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rick "Tetley" Reich records first win in over a year...

Coming off a stellar "Shut Out" performance, Mike "Smitty" Smith thought now was as good as time as any to go on a week long hunting expedition. Called up for the first time since being placed on the injury reserve list, Rick "Tetley" (as in more holes than a tea bag) Reich, admirably filled the void. Reich, a stand up goalie from a forgotten era, played superbly. Remaining on his feet for 59:45 out the 60:00, this somewhat unorthodox style seemed to stymie Silver Seven Shooters all evening. Rookie sensation Mike "Moves" Miller was a one man scoring machine. Netting seven plus goals himself, (many of them deemed highlight reel quality) the unselfish rookie continuously set the plate for line mates Chris "Lanks" Zamzow and Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray . Taking time out from his busy running schedule, SVCU blue liner Brian "Barnes" Minish was once again found floating in familiar territory for a major portion of the game. Reich was left wondering on more than one occasion if Barnes had changed his position to Denter. Next action for SVCU has them hosting L.P on Wednesday night.

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