Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mateika considering working for H.N.I.C ??

Once again , SVCU Oldtymers put on an impressive offensive showing, chalking up a 10-4 win over Swan River Action . Mike "Thrilla" Miller lead all scorers, finishing the contest with four. Rick "Whiskey" Liske Jr. continued his scoring streak by adding a goal and two assists. Warren "Wheels " Gray provided the offensive punch from the back end with two goals and six assists. In the post game celebration, Randy "Howie" Mateika held court with any teammates who would listen, as he re accounted one of his two high light reel goals. Pulling out the now defunct telestrator, Mateika "X" ed and "O" ed the play to Howie Meeker perfection. Mateika was quoted as saying "if any one missed my goal I have attached a telestrator account of I seen it go in as I was falling down."

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