Thursday, November 5, 2009

C.U. Clip Flyer's Wings...

A more than impressive season debut  by shifty left winger Brian "Big Crunch" Gilroy, helped C.U. secure their second win of the season. Any questions or concerns about Gilroy's commitment to an off season training regime, or to the up and coming season, were quickly put to rest as the flashy forward accounted for seven goals in the 14-4 victory. Not since the days of  skating with the Dauphin Kings Triple A Midget team has Gilroy posted game day numbers like this. When asked about his" buying" into the two way defensive system, and the strict weight management program layed out by the organization, Gilroy was quoted " McDonald. look at my hands man ! Do they look forty  f#ckin  pounds over weight  to you ?? I'ts all in the hands baby, it's all in the hands ! "  Although falling well  short of the "10 goals in one game" record held by former C.U. Old Timer  Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson, one can only speculate if the record book may have been re-written had a sleeker , well conditioned Gilroy made this season debut. Skating for the first time with the organization, power forward Darren "Knock Down" Knight made his presence felt early. It is a well known fact that in  the past 10 - 15 years the only ice action the burly forward has seen  has  been stirring  the cubes in his favorite cocktail. Knight, disorientated, out of breath, and running on pure instincts, found himself parked in front of the opposing net all night long. Brother of veteran C.U. goal scorer Jeff "No Miss" Knight, his  physical presence will be a welcoming edtion to C.U.'s flashy front end. Splitting this season between C.U.'s minor league affiliate Easterville Eagles and the parent club, Dana "Hand Cuffs" Harris also made his season debut.  Harris and rookie Ryan "Cowboy" Keowan were relentless in their fore check, and evened out many Flyer odd man rushes. Continuing his unselfish play, defense men Warren "Wheels " Gray completed many tape to tape passes finishing the evening with 10 helpers and a whopping plus 12. C.U.s next action is Nov. 16 , the first of  a  "4 games in 6 nights"  stretch.

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