Saturday, January 30, 2010

SVCU pull out a 12-4 win over the SVRSS Tigers.

SVCU made the trip to the Minitonas  with 9 skaters and a goalie (consisting of 3 pickups from the local Bantam team) Randy "Red Line" Mateika led the club in both breakaways (6) and goals (5).  His performance had the crowd yearning for a return to the years of the  famed Minitonas Eagles "Doubles Line".  Local barkeep Leonard Nakonechny would never leak if the name came from their post-game drinking habits or their jersey numbers - Calvin Knispel (66), Garry Mohr (55), and Randy Mateika (44).
SVCU Rookie Ryan "Cowboy" Keown was flying and picked up his third hat trick of the season, despite having his feet kicked out on several occasions.  Post-game , the veteran SVCU defense corp was found harassing Keown on his lack of face offs won back from the center ice dot.  The consummate professional ,Keown brushed them off and remained focused on commenting that his back felt better after a weekend of busting broncos, than after a match up with the physical SVRSS defense. 
2030 tourney signee Carter (quick as snot) Prieston pocketed five snipes in his SVCU debut. His dangles were reminiscent of a young Brian "Barnes" Minish during the late 80's.
Riley "Big Rig" Morden played a "Strakerish" defense as positional play doesn't appear to be his forte.(runs deep in the family)  That big feces-eating smile will not soon be forgotten though.  As expected there were two minors on the evening both going to the Morden family.  Pat "Pumper" Morden implemented the famed "SVCU Can opener"  to perfection, while Riley "Big Rig" Morden discarded a Tiger, head first into the end boards,  after getting caught pinching for what seemed to be the tenth time..
Manning the net was Drew "Dominator" Denischuk.  Although the shots were limited, Denischuk displayed flypaper characteristics with his outstanding rebound control.
Rounding out the goal scorers were Barry "Snapper" Eggie who dented the twine twice with his famed scccchhhhhnapper.
Warren "Wheels" Gray, Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray, and Craig "Freshly Skate sharpened and glad to be accepted back with open arms" Zamzow posted an aggregate plus 12 on the night, even with the occasional " pine riding " from the coaching staff.
Next action is Wednesday night, it will be a treat as the club gets to view a Stampeder- Blizzard match up followed by the first ever meeting between SVCU and Pelican Rapids.  Game time is 10:15PM.
Craig "Bob McKenzie" Zamzow...
Just one more for the Senator Fans...

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