Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hard fought Draw puts two on Injury Reserve list.....

The final meeting in the regular season between crosstown rivals SVCU and the Swan River Raiders had all the makings for a great one, and it didn't disappoint. A fast paced, end to end opening period saw SVCU fall behind 3-0. Always one to lead by example Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow opened the scoring for SVCU early in the second with one of his  patent " end to end "rushes. Zamzow scored his second of the evening with a rocket wrist shot that handcuffed Raider net minder Warren Clark. Jeff "Nifty" Knight knotted the game at three with some dipsy doodling that even  SVCU Dangling D-man  Blaine " Corporal" Campbell couldn't help but smile at. The teams traded goals  down the stretch and the game ended tied at 5.
This hard fought battle took it's toll on the SVCU front end. Just minutes before the end of the first period, Jeremy " OT Kid" Gray , the great two way player, took a hard wrist shot off the ankle and was sent to the dressing room heavily favoring his right foot. His night and possible season coming to an abrupt end. In the second period, battling hard on the wall, Derek "Holiday" Holtom took an errant skate to the face , narrowly missing his left eye. Lying in a pool of his own blood, a cold silence fell over the SVCU bench. A concerned teammate quickly relayed a message to the bench " It missed his eye, but Holts has know idea of who or where he is."  Quick to offer an encouraging word to a teammate, Blaine "Corporal" Campbell was overheard ,"Tell him he's Gretzky and get the f**k up." A quick trip to the hospital, three stitches, and some ice/Tylenol had Holiday back in the dressing room in time for a post game pop. He was later quoted as saying " My wife is going to kill me !" Many of his teammates view this injury as an actual improvement in Holtom's looks as was evident by the discussion carried on post game . When asked about this Holtom responded ," LOL, and here I thought my good looks were carrying me through life. My wife has been lying to me all these years.. oh by the way, she has suggested I look into a full visor, does anyone have one kicking around to tide me over until the end of the year? SVCU veteran power forward " Pat "Pumper " Morden, always there for the rookies, suggested a  mask he found on e-bay .

"Found this on e-bay for you, should do the trick and make the opposition think twice about taking any liberties."

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