Sunday, November 14, 2010

SVCU win big, Matieka scores 6....

Randy "Meat Head" Matieka
SVCU recorded their sixth straight victory of the season with a striking 19-6 win over the Minitonas Loggers. Randy "MeatHead" Matieka continued his scoring prowess with an impressive 6 goal performance. Skating in the  rink where it all began, Minitonas prodigal son did not disappoint.
Coming off what could be deemed his most disconcerting game in decades, Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy regained his magic and posted his third multiple goal game of the season .Playing with an undisclosed injury at the hands of a vicious two hander, it is reported that the crafty center men survived 48 hours in the hospital , under the watchful eye of an Egyptian physician, and still managed to make the road trip to Minitonas. Also coming up big on the score sheet were Warren "Wheels" Gray , Blaine "Soup" Campbell and Brian "Magic Man " Minish with three each. Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow also tallied for a single.

Horrendous undisclosed upper body injury!

Sophomore Derek "DH" Holtom notched his first of the season, virtually keeping his name off the bottom of the depth chart. The scoring drought continues for rookie Mark " Manhandler" Munro, as it appears he has a horrible case of " Grip the stick to tightis!" Failing to produce up front,  Knight, Munro, and Holtom were relegated to the back end for the second period, where DH almost sustained a career ending back injury , tripping over his own blue line.

Mark "Squeeze" Munro!

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