Monday, March 28, 2011

SVCU President in Disbelief....

# 1 Fan

# 2 Fan
One of two of the most loyal and die hard Montreal Canadian fans, CU president and blue chip blue liner Blaine "Viva les Habitants" Campbell is still at a loss after his beloved Canadians were shut out for a third consecutive game . "This is not the type of game you want to be playing heading into the the playoffs, the Canadian's seem to be going through a similar stretch to what we are experiencing.''  Habs  head coach Jacques Martin bag skated his club early Sunday morning, and rumors persist that Campbell has been in close contacts with the CU coaching staff the past few days. What has been deemed a " light pre-tourney" skate may hold some surprises come Tuesday evening for SVCU.



  1. El-Presidente says, Better eat light for Tuesday supper, because I smell a Montreal Canadien-like bag skate coming.