Sunday, April 3, 2011

Presidential Coup Thwarted...

Future President of the Chamber of Commerce !

Championship Sunday and the hosts were set to face their cross-town rival Raiders in one B Semi Final with a 10AM start time.  One major problem was evident, the stall of 7-time dman of the year Blaine "El Presidente" was vacant, Campbell was nowhere to be found.
The club took the ice with an extremely short bench as Warren "Wheels" Gray showed his allegiance by electing to curl in the 4th Event quarterfinal instead of in what potentially was Credit Union's last game of the season.
Just prior to puck drop Campbell sauntered in with eyes reminiscent of two pissholes in a snowbank.  After stumbling through a couple shifts late in the first period the President "pulled the chute" and resigned himself to head coach for the balance.
Gray returned for the second period, to provide fresh legs.
At the final buzzer the scoreboard showed a nail biting 3-2 score in Credit Union's favor despite a missed open net by all-world sniper Jeremy Gray (obviously shaken by his older brother's lack of commitment).
Kudos to Fudd for shutting the door, with a little help from his friends the posts.
The President was sent home for a nap prior the the B Final, while the balance of the Club held a non-confidence vote.
Credit Union is now set to face off against the Winnipegosis Hawks for B Side glory.

This is what getting home at 8AM looks like!

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