Monday, October 24, 2011

CU win season opener 5-3...

It was exactly one week after fielding an intrasquad lineup of 16 skaters, and CU was facing embarrassment.
In true CU fashion,  10 minutes prior to the home opener vs their cross-town rival Raiders, and a total of six skaters sat in Room #2 celebrating a second beer fridge graciously donated by Wade "Booster" Cable.
Panic subsided  when 3-time tourney all-star Mike "Smitty" Smith phoned to advise he was enroute.  "Booster" decided it was time to enlist an extra body and called son Ryan "Jumper" Cable.  Attempts were made to contact Riley "Feces eating grin" Morden, to no avail.  Moments later an SOS advised Blaine "El Presidente" Campbell would be arriving late (sound familiar? Think Sunday AM vs Raiders at season ending tourney).
The good news was the club had 100% turnout from the 2011 recruiting class with Clayton "Hot & Spicy" Mychalchuk and Darren "Mugsy" Mullin in attendance. The club hit the ice and in his first shift in the "shiny" reds, rookie Clayton Mychalchuk, dented the twine to open the scoring. In classic CU "Rope a Dope" fashion the game  kept seesawing between ties and one goal leads until a two goal lead was earned in the final minutes.
Warren "Wheels" Gray

Despite going  1/11 on breakaways, Warren "Wheels" Gray still managed to pot a Hattie in the season opener. Surprisingly his younger sibling, Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray, couldn't beat Clark with a 16 shot on net performance .
"OT" Kid
Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow rounded out the scoring with a goal from behind the net against former club mate Warren Clark, while overcoming Smitty's screams of quit pinching you dumb "!#@*"
Smitty's newly reconstructed knee courtesy of the $6 Million Dollar Man, was as good as gold, and he pulled out his 384th win for CU while being badly out shot.

CU will look to build on their winning streak on home ice next Wednesday night when the Mighty Bucks come to town donning a new fashionable 3rd jersey!

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