Sunday, February 19, 2012

CU win Big in "Wing Night - Part 2"...

Facing a short handed Flyer squad, CU auto piloted to a  convincing 12-2 victory. The recently reunited "MKG" line accounted for six of the twelve goals. Jeff "Knifty" Knight lead all scorers with three, while right winger Jeremy "OT Kid" Gray netted two, and Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald added a single.
Running a bit thin on the front end, Craig " Zinger" Zamzow filled in admirably for missing right winger Randy "Macho Man" Mateika. Zamzow, who has had less than impressive outings when playing the half wall, seemed to have mimicked Mateika's play to a T. Trolling the opposition blue line for the majority of the game, frustration finally came to head. Three time league MVP Blaine "Soup" Campbell thought three failed break away passes to the cherry pickin power forward was more than enough, took it upon himself to dangle the entire Flyer squad not once, but twice, before giving it away.
Right winger Mark " Saucing my Eggs" Munro, playing his first game in weeks, wired in two seeing eye dogs. The scoring drought continues for snake bitten rookie Clayton " I put this Sh*t on Everything " Mychalchuk. Looked off numerous times throughout the game, the big centermen's final crushing blow came post game, where Munro put the finishing touches on regaining the dubious title of the Eggonator!!
Parkland Ranger call up Nic " Smooth as Molasses" Schneider, coming off the IR list, welcomed the extra ice time and a chance to play in front of a hometown crowd. Schneider did not disappoint, making countless rushes,the fleet footed Ranger dented the twine twice. Playing partner, Darren "Mugsy" Mullin, hand his hands full with Flyer standout Darren "Dangle" Miller. Mullin. relying on "Old School" tactics made famous by standout CU alumnus Lorne "Hugs" Henklemen, had  Miller wrapped up tighter than a soft Taco.

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