Friday, February 10, 2012

CU win Two....Mateika Continues Scoring Rampage...!

With the NHL re-visiting the controversial "Spin-a-Rama" move , currently legal in the shoot out, but banned during the penalty shot, crafty CU forward Randy "Stop on a Dime" Mateika may have to dig a little deeper in his repertoire of moves. Recording his third 'Hat Trick " of the season in the teams previous 9- 6 win over the Mighty Bucks, the fleet footed forward kept his scoring streak alive by potting two against the Minitonas Loggers in a 10-4 victory. Still sporting the sun kissed skin and Hulk Hogan autographed work out attire, the flamboyant forward was quick to point out to his fellow teammates that he was plus 15 in the last two games. A true testament to his line-mates, who are often left to  play short handed in their own end.

Oh YeaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!!
"Red Line " Randy

CU defense men Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow coming off what could only be deemed as his worst outing of the season, (a one game experiment on the wing) regained some dignity, and notched two from the back end. Also chipping in with two, Kevin "Special K" Kopecky, and ageless veteran Barry "Shooter" Eggie. Unconfirmed sources have both Kopecky and Zamzow working with Core Fitness Guru "Sargent" Sandy Ellingson in a" Covert " dryland fitness regime. 

Special K

Warren "Wheels" Gray,  back from holidaying on the Famed 16th hole  at the Phoenix Open, struggled to find his legs and lungs, but still manged to bulge the twine.

Gray's playing partner Blaine "Soup" Campbell was held scoreless but the evening was not an entire loss, as Scotty Gomez, one of  Campbells's beloved Montreal Canadians,  finally pulls the trigger after a 365 plus day drought. With the annual Corporate Challenge Classic on this weekend, CU will not see action until next Thursday , where they will head down HWY 83 for another Classic "Wing Night".

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