Sunday, January 29, 2012

CU clip Flyer's 12-3...

The emotional let down of losing in the "A Final" of their own tournament the previous weekend still weighed heavily on the minds of the young Kenville Flyers. Warren "Wheels" Gray opened the score early, scoring on a partial breakaway. The free wheelin d-man was leading the rush all night, reminiscent of former CU blue-liner Jason " Run and Gun" Ryden.

Jeremy Gray, playing on a line with veterans Brian Minish and Rob McDonald, lead all scorers with four. McDonald,the unselfish/lack of goal scoring ability player that he is, was busy setting the plate for his line-mates, as they went plus 5 for the evening. The re-emergence of perennial goal scorer Kevin 'Special K" Kopecky, was definitely long overdue. The big power forward finally found his footing, and squeezed out his first hat trick this season, only his second since playing for the Minitonas Hornets of the now defunct SVIHL.

Minish, who has been fighting the puck of late, popped a backhand top shelve "where Mom keeps the cookie jar", that would have "By Golly Gee!", brought Howie Meeker to his feet. CU goaltender Mike "Smitty" Smith, welcomed the relatively quiet night, however his save percentage may say otherwise. It was not exactly they way Darren 'Mugsy" Mullin wanted his first goal in 20 games to unfold. With the two floundering in the crease, a feeble attempt to kick/swipe the puck clear, ended up on the d-man's stick, where he proceeded to wire it glove side corner on a rather surprised and confused Smith.

It became apparent that CU would take their game to the next level post game in the Benito "Snake, Wing, and Egg Pit !" The Magnificent 11 devoured 12 dozen of Benito's finest wings (Executive Chef Pat Harness was caught mixing special sauces after a one-goal loss to CU one night previously) and 12 pickled eggs. Reigning "Wing King" champion Craig "I like em by the dozen" Zamzow was in fine form. Slashing through a couple of dozen lemon pepper , Zamzow nullified a courageous coup attempt by rookie Clayton Mychalchuk. Mychalchuk had every chicken in MB fleeing after pounding 18 wings and 4 pickled eggs.  Nearly inaudible, with his mouth jammed with more pickled eggs than the infamous Lance Clarkson, Mychalchuk's pre-egg routine was confirmed with hot sauce in hand "I put this shit on everything !" Unconfirmed sources have reported that a certain business in town had to evacuate the building not once,but twice because of a strange smell and gurgling noises coming from their second floor.

CU's next action has them hosting the Mighty Bucks next Wednesday at 10:00 .

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