Saturday, March 10, 2012

CU down Bucks 7-2, Lose 6-4 to Silver Seven...

CU opened the week with a convincing 7-2 win over the Mighty Bucks. Brian "The Thrill" Gilroy , showing the desire and commitment of a snot nosed rookie, lead all scorers with a pair.

The Thrill
Brian "The Ageless Wonder" Minish, just back from a three week hiatus in Palm Springs, wasted no time in getting his name on the score sheet. It was apparent that the R and R at the Springs seemed to have "Grecianed" the veteran forward , as he added two goals and two assists, and is playing some of his best hockey down the stretch.

Playing along side Gilroy, goal scoring duo of Jeff Knight "Rider", and Jeremy " Jack and Cola" Gray, showed some dangle that would even make former CU sniper Marvin "The Magnificent" Clarkson cringe. 

Wednesday evening CU clashed with the Silver Seven for the fourth and final time of the season. With the Seven winning the previous three encounters, CU was looking for a strong showing. A disappointing six and half  skaters ,(McDonald fresh off the IR list), gave a strong effort , but finally succumbed 6-4 to a very confident Silver squad. This loss marked the only time in Franchise history that CU was swept in a season series. CU sniper Brian "Thrilla" Gilroy was visible shaken by the lack of commitment on the part of some of his so called teammates. "I managed to go to three Stampeder games, a Winnipeg Jets game, and sit through the stress and duress of interviewing some very "Potential" employees for my business this week, do you see me packing up and leaving the boys high and dry?"  

The Thrill
The club hasn't seen this level of commitment from Gilroy since his glory days with Dauphin Kings. With Gilroy all in for the tourney, CU will  be looking to have a more bolstered offensive front end.
 Rookie Clayton "Heavy Feet" Mychaluk made his return from the IR list, and was struggling to find his legs and lungs all evening. A strong showing by CU tender Mike "I'll carry this franchise on my back" Smith, was all for not. Chad "Bottoms Up" Barker, son of legendary Zamboni driver Al "Board Bumping" Barker, sealed the deal for the Silver Seven when he parted the  "Red Sea", and went top shelve on Smitty. " 
The game got a little heated when CU defense men Warren "Wheels" Gray, and Silver Seven blue liner Pat "Hit-man" Harness exchanged some hugs and kisses after the whistle. Former defensive pairing on the cup winning roster in an early season tourney in Roblin, the two didn't let that curb their competitive enthusiasm.



CU's next action is a Wednesday tilt with the Kenville Flyers, and then a regular season finale Sunday evening with cross town rivals the Swan River Raiders. 

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