Friday, March 30, 2012

Goaltenders get a Work Out....

The opening two games of the tourney had two goalies wishing that they would have remembered to pack a little sunscreen. Ernie "The Glove" Pierrepont, blue paint specialist for the Mighty Bucks, held the high powered  Valley Outlaws to 13 on an amazing 68 shots on goal. Running a very short bench, the Bucks managed to keep the game respectful, finishing on the  back end of a 13 -5 loss.

Ernie "The Glove" Pierrepont

The Swan River Raiders fired more shots at Bowsman Burner net minder Darren "Make mine a Double" Fedorchuk in the second game, than a Friday Night shooter bar at the West Wood Inn! The unofficial shots on goal ( the official time keeper lost track after 75), was believed to be somewhere in the 80's! Allowing only 16 to squeak by, Fuddie was overheard post game, "Ahh, just like riding a bike with you fuckers, just keep the eggs and shnick coming boys!!!!!"

Darren "Make mine a Double" Fedorchuk

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