Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just Plain Ugly.......

Coming off back to back wins, S.V.C.U. Old Tymer's decided it was time to take a page out of the Toronto Maple Leaf play book. What could at best be described as a less than Lacklustre performance, S.V.C.U. allowed a Heinz 57 team to come in and give them a sound beating. Rick "Red Light Raccicot " Reich was thrown into action and despite riding a very long winning streak, found himself battling the puck all night long. To his credit , his stand up style had on occasion stymied opposition shooters, as well as his teammates. One bright spot , in this dull sullen affair, was the play of Tanner "Kid" McDonald. A unnamed source was quoted , " kid can skate like the wind, but maybe he should try it with the puck. I did admire his grit and intensity, not sure about the "wife beater" though." After a few moments of reflection in the dressing room after this loss, veteran defence men Craig "Zammer" Zamzow summed it " Boys, we'll get over it, the sun will rise tomorrow morning ! Hey Rob grab me a beer will ya !"

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