Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mike "Smitty" Smith stabilizes S.V.C.U....

Coming off a week and a half lay off, Mike "Smitty " Smith back stopped the S.V.C.U. Old Tymer's to a 10 - 4 victory over Swan River Action. Foiling opposition shooter's from close in , controlling rebounds with ease, Smitty single handily helped restore the confidence and order that was sadly missing in the previous outing. Derek " Tape to Tape " Henkleman made his season debut, shoring up that all important fourth D-man position. It was quite obvious that his off-season training and extra curricular activities, have helped him maintain his high level of fitness and stamina. Partnered up with veteran defence men Blaine "Soup" Campbell , the young Henklemen gave us a flash back to the past, emulating the passing prowess of his father, former S.V.C.U. all-star defence men Lorne "Hugs" Henkelmen. Garry "Duke " Kennedy, having one of his best games this season, ended up with the Gordie Howe Hat trick. His ability to intimidate opponents all night long, put him on the score sheet for two goals, two helpers, and four pims. Chris "lanks" Zamzow put in a strong third period. Shaking the rust from his legs, he had countless scoring chances. Now if he could only find a cure for the cement in his hands, and share it with teammate Rob "wrong turn" McDonald. Also making his season debut was Barry "Shooter" Eggie. The veteran line of Eggie, Gray, and Knight moved the puck around with the precision and control of a heart surgeon. At times they had a little to much "Finnish" and not enough finish. Action will have a chance to redeem themselves as both teams tangle again Monday night in the corral.


  1. I taught the young fella everything I know about the game....took me about 5 minutes.

  2. Yeah he is right...but I think it was more like around 2 minutes.

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