Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The "Magnificent Seven" ....

Icing no less than seven skaters, S.V.C.U. Old Tymer's handed Swan River Action their second straight loss in less than a week. . In a game that saw S.V.C.U. play the trap to near perfection, and capitalizing on their scoring opportunities, the Old Tymer's easily skated to a 12-5 win. . Playing an estimated 58 minutes, defense men Brian "Barnes " Minish was once again solid on the blue line. Pressed into action on the back end, it was quite evident that Rob "Energizer" McDonald was in over his head. Adding a new dimension, his "stay at home " tactics many of his teammates confused. An unnamed source was quoted as saying " If I hear McDonald use "the I have no edge or blade "excuse for not crossing over the red line, one more time, I think I'm going to run him ! " The forward combinations of Kennedy - Gray - Morden - Bowles , executed the dump and chase game flawlessly. And of course Mike "Smitty" Smith stood tall between the pipes, denying Action shooters all night long. Looking for more depth on the bench, S.V.C.U . will host Swan River Raider's Wednesday Night.

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