Monday, December 10, 2007

Bar Tending Santas......

In keeping with a festive season tradition, once again two Bar tending Santas from the S.V.C.U. Old Tymer's Hockey club provided their expertise to the staff of the SVCU Credit Union at their annual Christmas party. Despite the bitter cold temps., a hearty crowd of 80 or so, gathered Friday night at the Big Woody Hall. Sensing the crowd needed a little loosening up, the Bar tending Santas knew that Spicy Caesar's and Velvety Smooth Paralyzers would be welcome libations. Following a superb turkey dinner with all the fixings, prepared by infamous Vernice Eggie and staff, M.I.A . defence men and part time banker Craig "Zammer" Zamzow got the crowd participating in the annual Christmas Olympic Games. Other notable celebrities seen smooshing about were none other than SVCU defensive stand out Blaine "Soupy" Campbell and well known Philanthropist and General Manager Mel Edmunds . A relaxing and enjoyable evening was had by all, and as always , two new Bar tending Santas will be ready to pressed into action next year.

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