Thursday, December 13, 2007

"An Impressive Debut..."

A recent call up from "The Black Aces" Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson potted five goals in a 13 - 4 romp over the Kenville Flyer's. If there was any doubt to Clarkson's rust or game conditioning, the double shifting center men let his numbers do the talking. In fact , Clarkson was later quoted " I felt good out there tonight, so good in fact , that I think I just may be interested in adding some "distance running" into my off season dry land training program next year." Also have a strong offensive showing was Warren "New Guy" Clark. The shifty right winger racked up a hat trick. The defensive trio of Blaine "Soupy" Campbell, Derek "Hips" Henklemen and Brian "Barnzee" Minish , once again provided stellar defence and a superb transition game. Mike "Smitty" Smith shut down what little threat the Flyer's posed. Gary "Duke" Kennedy playing like a twenty year old, pulled a few moves that may not have been seen since the thirties. Showing that he hasn't forgotten the move that brought home the cup, Jeremy "O.T. Kid" Gray snapped a rocket under the cross bar. SVCU's annual "Christmas Turkey and Skate" will be held next Wednesday. Rumour has it that current "Black Aces" Brian "Scoop" Gilroy and Jayson "Stripes" Ryden may be ready to make the jump to the parent club. Only time will tell.


  1. Dave "Taser" BettesworthDecember 17, 2007 at 2:32 PM

    Marvin only five goals ?! You must be passing to much ??!! And for anyone to suggest "Duke" was playing like a young 20 yr.old Garry Kennedy is a stretch. The only ice around when "Duke" was 20 was the piece the Titanic ran into !!

  2. I was on the Titanic and I survived! That's when the tough get going.

  3. I was on the titanic and I survived. When the going gets tough, the tough get going