Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winning Ways continue...

Coming off a Wednesday evening of festive fun, a Friday night date in Minitonas against the Loggers would perhaps be a tall order for SVCU to fill. Once again , with only a handful of skaters making the road trip, SVCU relied on the perfect blend of youth and experience, and came away with a 12-4 win. Pulled off waivers , and filling in for an ailing Mike "Smitty" Smith, Glenn Nichiporuk provided some solid backstopping . The young gun trio of Tanner "Kid" McDonald, Evan "Man Boy" Morden , and recent rookie call up Chris "RBK" Belhuemer, provided enough legs for the whole team. The vet line of Pat "Crash" Morden, Warren "Wheels" Gray, and Rob "Energizer" McDonald used their puck movement prowess, to score numerous high light reel goals. The defensive corp. of Derek "Hips" Henklemen, Brian "Barnes " Minish, and Craig "Zammer " Zamzow logged big minutes, made big plays. One however may have questioned Craig "Zammer " Zamzow's choice of move on a penalty shot. Having perfected the "Malik " move to near mastery he left teammates bewildered on his less than impressive "Genoway" wannabe move. One teammate and close personal friend was quoted " Jesus, if he tries that move again, he better sharpen his fucking skates and lose 30 lbs."
Merry Christmas and all the best in 2008 !

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