Thursday, January 6, 2011

Despite a huge Canada collapse, SVCU win big 15-3...

Still reeling in a numbing shock after the monumental collapse of Team Canada, SVCU's  Magnificent Seven; Smitty, Soup, Wheels, Blogmeister, Zdeno, Booster, and a slightly tardy Special K proceeded to lay a 15-3 whoopin' on  Swan River Action. Wade "Booster" Cable's 4 goal performance , a career best, was unfortunately over looked by  Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald's unbelievable 5 goal outburst. Playing on the front end for only the second time this season, Blaine "Soupy" Campbell wasted little time in making the best of this situation. Putting 2 quick goals behind a handcuffed Action goaltender early in the first, Campbell finally secured the hat trick in the latter stages of the game. The game took an ugly turn after aging Action forward Waltzing "Wally" Leopoltz went cookie jar on Mike "Smitty" Smith late in the second period. Team enforcer Kevin " Special K " Kopecky, quick to come to the defense of his teammate, pulled out the old Wally Whacker and left the veteran forward scared stickless and speechless. The brash defense men issued a quick "no comment" when confronted in the post game media scrum. 

Kevin "The Slasher" Kopecky!  circa 1982

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