Thursday, February 24, 2011

SVCU cage Tigers 11-6...

In a game where the age difference was down right shocking, veteran SVCU forward Brian "Magic Man " Minish showed that he still has the legs of a 20 year old. Minish was all over the ice, first on the fore check, picking up a winger on the back check, running the cycle out of the corner, all contributing  to  finishing the evening with a hat trick. Old enough to be a grandparent to over three quarters of the Tiger lineup, Minish did not let this deter him from his game . "I'm very impressed with his speed, it is very deceptive, I had a hard time  keeping up to the old man all evening!" commented defense man turned forward Blaine"Soup" Campbell. When asked about this new found youthful enthusiasm, Minish was quick to respond, " I always have taken great pride in the fact that I run regularly, and man , my new skates are the bomb!"

Bud Light Game Star

Playing on a line with Minish, and Campbell,  power forward Pat "Crusher" Morden bulged the twine twice, with Campbell chipping in a single. Centering the shut down line of Holtom, Mateika,and  McDonald, Randy "Red Light"  Mateika continued his scoring prowess by potting two and assisting on two others.
Rounding out the SVCU scoring with singles were Derek "DH" Holtom, Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald, and Warren "Wheels" Gray.
Injury update has SVCU all-star puck stopper Mike "Palmateer" Smith remaining on the injury reserve list and will be out indefinitely with an undisclosed lower body injury . Negotiations have re-opened to sign veteran blue paint specialist Darren "Smirnoff " Fedorchuk to an extension on his current week to week contract. Although details are unavailable at this time, Fedorchuk's agent and  former Bowsman Burner standout Stuart "Killer" Kilfoyle  has informed that the two sides are close, with only some minor concessions to be made in terms of the availability and quantity of a certain post game replenishment fluid.


  1. just trying to be a role model. Glad I could help.

  2. Atta boy Barnes
    And don't offer Fuddy any Keystone like his former team!