Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kevin "Vokoun" Kopecky Backstops SVCU to 14-3 debut...

Despite posting a most impressive 14-3 debut between the pipes, Kevin "Vokoun" Kopecky  will not be the starter for SVCU's next game. Relying on an unorthodox style that could only be described as a mix between a young Ernie "The Entertainer" Pierrepont and an aging Rick "Red Light" Reich, Kopecky managed to keep the young SVRSS Tiger line up scoreless until the last six minutes of the game. Forced to haul down  a streaking Tiger forward , Wade "Jumper" Cable put the rookie puck stopper on the hot seat. Unaccustomed to such pressure, and foregoing  the advice of resident "Blue Paint " specialist Mike "The Wall" Smith, Kopecky floundered on the deke, getting beat short side.

Kevin "Vokoun" Kopecky
Mike "Show Time" Smith , made the best of his one and only front end frolic. The quick handed goalie turned center- men, spent the entire game parked in front of the net, where he was spoon fed all evening. Recording a hat trick in the first period, Smith was overheard in the dressing between periods inquiring about what the team single game goal scoring record was. His career night of six goals , although impressive, still falls well short of the current record holder and former SVCU sniper " Marvelous" Marvin Clarkson.

Mike "Show Time" Smith
Breaking out of a current slump, Derek "Hands" Holtom scored two goals, his second an impressive "Knuckle Puck" off the iron, earning him a spot on the "Bud Light Big Three." Also busting a slump, Mark "Shoot!" Munro deftly put some "Finnish" on a beautiful tic-tac-toe.

Bud Light "Big Three!"
High light of the night belongs to Warren "Wheels" Gray, whose penalty shot dangle could easily be listed at number one...

"I stoned him on the shoot out! "


  1. nice top ten goals there father , to bad those guys learned all there moves from me hey .

  2. I better bookmark this page - might be the only time I ever crack the top 3! Gimme a Bud Lite!