Monday, February 21, 2011

SVCU successfully hunt down the "Mighty Bucks" 9-6...

Still feeling the sting from last weeks schooling at the hands of the Valley Outlaws, SVCU wanted to get back into the win column as quick as possible. Despite running  a short bench once again, the Red Machine did not disappoint. Leading in minutes played (60), as well as in scoring, registering his 4th Hat Trick of the season, Craig "Zdeno" Zamzow  continues to impress management.  Playing partner Warren "Wheels" Gray also logged a ton of minutes, scoring one and adding a couple of helpers. Jeremy "Where is the Mustard" Gray aka "The kid with the hands of butter", scored two, his second of the evening a seeing eye dog , that stymied Mighty Bucks goaltender Ernie " The Show" Pierrepont  top shelve. Always one to offer up advice to struggling teammates, Gray had this to say " it's all in the hands boys,  some of you need to  get yourself a tennis ball, soften those hands up while watching the tube."

Bud Light Big Three

It appears the honey moon is over between diminutive SVCU forward Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald and veteran referee Jimmy " CNIB" Webster. "He doesn't call a fuckin off side all night, then the minute I'm breaking on a two on one, he has the balls to call it from the far blue line, total  bullshit, if the CNIB is looking for a poster boy, look no further!!!!!"

Happier Times- April 2010

 Adding singles were Blaine "Soup" Campbell, Pat "Crusher" Morden, and Rob "Blogmeister" McDonald.

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