Monday, January 7, 2008

"Black Ace" call up makes an Immediate Impact...

Recently called up from the "Black Aces" and avoiding a possible trade dead line deal, Jason "Stripes" Ryden's season debut was by all accounts a huge success. Not to break up the highly successful three man blue line rotation, the unselfish Ryden was more than willing to take a spot on right wing. Knowing that his future with SVCU may be on the line , "Stripes " did not disappoint. Ryden's size , speed , and soft touch around the net, had many of his teammates commenting " Stripes is playing like a pre-Moore Todd Bertuzzie." Potting five goals , setting up countless others, Stripes left it all out on the ice. Not to be out done by the big power forward, 17 year veteran Barry "Shooter" Eggie had arguably his best game of the season. Relying on his powerful snap shot, Eggie found daylight in all areas of the oppositions net. Comments of " That fucker was a seeing eye dog to find that corner!" could be heard on the SVCU bench. When all was said and done SVCU 13-LP 5. Looking forward, this upcoming week will be a marathon for SVCU. Thanks to their schedule maker, they will play 4 games in 6 days.

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