Friday, January 4, 2008

Loggers felled by SVCU Oldtymers... 8-2

Despite battling a "Festive Season Hangover", SVCU started the new year on a winning note. A shaky start to the game for the Oldtymers forced Mike "Smitty" Smith to be sharp early. The defensive pairing of Brian "Barnes" Minish (2) and Blaine "Soup" Campbell (1) combined for 3 goals, and thwarted many offensive forays by the Loggers. Derek "Hips" Henkelman and Chris " Iron Lung" Zamzow played a very strong defensive game. "Iron Lung" Zamzow left the game early and was reported holding his arm in some discomfort. Replenished with post game fluids, Zamzow showed no apparent signs worthy a trip to the injury reserve list. The forward line of Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson, Dennis "Surgeon" Bowles, and Warren "New Guy" Clark were foiled on numerous offensive attacks. Clarkson had trouble finding the net on countless tries, while line mate Bowles had no trouble finding the goalie's chest. Marvin "Sniper" Clarkson showing his unselfish side, set his line mates up all night long. The trio of Barry "Shooter" Eggie, Rex "Golden Vet" Leach and Warren "Wheels" Gray were offensively potent but at times snake-bitten. Mike "Smitty" Smith took a last second knee to the groin and lay motionless on the ice for what seemed like an eternity, but his strength and fortitude prevailed and he was able to brush off the injury. More importantly, Dennis "Surgeon" Bowles, was quoted "can you come to work tomorrow?". Next action for SVCU will be Sunday evening when the hit the ice against LP.

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